Glass operating theatres are at the top of the quality spectrum and ensure the highest level of cleanliness in the operating theatre. They are easy to maintain and disinfect and the glass is resistant to all disinfectants used. The extremely smooth surface of the glass itself allows for thorough disinfection, and bacteria can be easily removed from the room through simple maintenance procedures.

The glass wall system we are developing at OPIKAR is not currently available on the operating theatre market.

We are specialists for the entire segment of operating theatres and other functional rooms in hospitals/clinics.

We create complete solutions by supplying walls, ceilings, doors, LAF units, control panels, lighting, INOX furniture and optionally some medical equipment.

OPIKAR manufactures and installs self-supporting glass wall systems without a substructure.

OPIKAR has its own development and production capacities for manufacturing its own glass operating theatres. The production, development and logistics department is located at the company’s headquarters in Logatec, Slovenia (EU).

OPIKAR offers complete technical solutions for operating theatres, i.e. consultancy, design, manufacture, supply, installation of all components (walls, profiles, doors, lighting, laminar ceiling, surveillance, HVAC technology – ventilation of the operating theatre and, by agreement with the investor, supply of some surgical equipment for the operating theatre).


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