The company has been operating successfully since its foundation in 1997.

Our main activities are installation of air conditioning components and installation/ assembly and maintenance of cleanrooms of all ISO “classes” 1-9, which refer to the international standard ISO 14644-1.

The headquarters of the company is located in Logatec, Slovenia.

Company OPIKAR Daša Puntarić s. p. (sole trader) was already established on the 1st July 1997 and subsequently OPIKAR Ltd on the 18th November 2016 due to increased work abroad.

We are mainly present in the pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries.

We have very rich and long term experience in the field of cleanroom installation, air conditioning (HVAC) and in building painting lines and conveyers.

You can also find some of our reference facilities through our twenty-year existence among the “Reference” tab.

Currently, our companies consist of 35 full-time employees and are constantly expanding.

Our work is taking place in a large part of the European Union, especially in Germany and Austria, which besides the domestic market are our biggest markets in Europe.

Through cooperation with our partners, we offer comprehensive solutions according to the “turnkey” system – from designing, supplying all components to the assembly or installation and maintenance of these components.

Our vision and main goal is the satisfaction of our subscribers and end users.

The company is 100% family owned, which is why we constantly strive to improve our overall image and development.

We possess our own vehicles and modern tools, which gives us maximal flexibility and independence.