We conduct all types of air-conditioning; from ventilation of industrial facilities, business premises, residential facilities, to cleanrooms. Ventilation is the supply of fresh, less humid and clean air into the area, thereby replacing spent, unclean and damp air. Ventilation is absolutely necessary, as staying in poorly-ventilated facilities is harmful to our health.

Our services are suitable for absolute cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry, operating rooms and manufacturing plants with specific requirements for absolutely pure air.

Glass operating rooms belong to the very top of the quality of workmanship and ensure the highest level of cleanliness in the operating room. They are easy to maintain and disinfect, and the glass is resistant to all disinfectants used. Due to the extremely smooth surface of the glass itself, disinfection is thorough, and bacteria can be easily removed from the room with simple maintenance methods.

We also offer services of cutting ALU and PVC profiles, design and engineering …

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