HVAC & Cleanrooms
HVAC & Cleanrooms
HVAC & Cleanrooms

We are specialists in mechanical installations, with our services including ventilation, heating, cooling and other piping.

We are specialists in creating the most complex and demanding fully sterile and clean production facilities that comply with FDA technical recommendations, GMP and established international standards ISO 14644.

Glass operating theatres are at the top of the quality spectrum and ensure the highest level of cleanliness in the operating theatre. They are easy to maintain and disinfect and the glass is resistant to all disinfectants used. The extremely smooth surface of the glass itself allows for thorough disinfection, and bacteria can be easily removed from the room through simple maintenance procedures.

We also offer services of cutting ALU and PVC profiles, design and engineering …


Our advantages


Projects and tasks are carried out responsibly, to completion and within agreed deadlines. Each employee understands their duties, responsibilities and authority and acts accordingly.


We deliver expertise and implement optimal solutions for all stakeholders and the company. We continuously enhance our skills and competences.


Each of us employs a well-organised approach to own workload, enabling us to achieve the best possible results. Project work is carried out according to schedules. In case of deviations, work is organised in a way that ensures the project's objectives are met.


Agility is our way of operating. We manage changes during service delivery with resourcefulness and a practical approach.


We work with all stakeholders fairly and transparently. We support each other, share best practices and continuously improve OPIKAR’s overall performance.


Markets: We are mainly represented in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), in the BENELUX countries (Belgium, Netherlands) and in the Middle East (Arab countries).

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