Delivery and Installation of air conditioning plants (HVAC)
• Rectangular and round ductwork and all other components

Delivery and Installation of black utilities
• Heating, Cooling, Sanitary, Air conditioning and Ventilation

Design of whole HVAC


Maintenance of HVAC components
• Air handling units
• HEPA filters
• Doors, Material Pass Throughs
• Siliconizing
• Later-on installation of windows in panels
• …

We conduct all types of air-conditioning; from ventilation of industrial facilities, business premises, residential facilities, to cleanrooms. Ventilation is the supply of fresh, less humid and clean air into the area, thereby replacing spent, unclean and damp air. Ventilation is absolutely necessary, as staying in poorly-ventilated facilities is harmful to our health.

The quantity of fresh air should be big enough that the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed the dangerous human limit. Since fresh air is the cleanest at higher points, it is taken in from a point as high as possible. Before entering rooms, the air is filtered so hard particles (dust) are removed. Filters are made of paper, textile, plastic mass, metals, etc. The surface exposed to air is big and sticky so dust particles are caught onto this surface. Complete air-conditioning ensures a set temperature in a room, clean air and adequate humidity. Air handling units are used for larger air quantities and in cases where air is being directed into rooms through the channels.

We are experts in the field of air conditioning and construction of clean rooms.

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